The Tokidoki universe contains a diversity of characters across several character families, each one with its own unique story.

Please see items below from the Unicorno, Mermicorno, Donutella and Seapunk ranges, as well as new additions - Supermarket Besties, Breakfast Besties, Cactus Bunnies and Mini Sushi Cars.


Unicorno Series 7

Introducing Unicorno Series 7!  These exquisitely detailed characters are ready to join the Tokidoki family! Each blind box contains one of our ten new Unicornos, so open one up and surprise yourself with some magic!

Mermicorno Series 2

We’re excited to introduce 8 new characters to our Mermicorno family! These enchanting seafaring creatures come in their own blind box, so opening each one is a wonderful surprise. Take the plunge and add these aquatic beauties to your collection today!

Mermicorno Series 4

Take an aquatic plunge with Mermicorno Series 4, Tokidoki's latest series of blind box collectibles! From fancy to fun, this series of eight new Mermicornos offers something for everyone. Open a blind box and find your new Mermicorno bestie!

Seapunk Frenzies

Explore the high seas with our Seapunk Frenzies! These fun aquatic characters are wonderfully detailed and perfect for some zipper-pull, keychain, clip-on fun. There are 10 possible characters to find, so dive in and start your collection today!

Mermicorno Frenzies

Make a splash with our Mermicorno frenzies! These enchanting seafaring creatures are wonderfully detailed and perfect for some zipper-pull, keychain, clip-on fun. There are 16 possible characters to find, so dive right in and start your collection today!

Supermarket Besties

Yum! Tokidoki just made going to the grocery store a lot more fun! We've brought some of your favourite snacks to life in these ten new, mouth-watering characters. Open up a blind box and satisfy your craving for cuteness with our Supermarket Besties!

Cactus Bunnies

Introducing Tokidoki Cactus Bunnies, just in time for Easter! These prickly little creatures will bring you luck just when you need it. Cactus Bunnies are ready to hop into your collection!


Unicorno Series 8

Calling all Unicorno lovers! Unicorno Series 8 has arrived and adds ten intricately detailed, enchanting Unicornos. Open a blind box to add some sparkle and magic to your day!


Mermicorno Series 3

Dive into our Mermicornos Series 3! These wonderfully detailed aquatic beauties come in their own blind box, so opening each one is a sweet surprise. There are 8 possible characters to find, so take the plunge and start your collection today!

Donutella Series 2

We're thrilled to introduce new out-of-this-world characters to our Donutella & her Sweet Friends family! The 8 cosmic cuties in this series include Sugarina, Candy Girl, Sprinkle Cycle, Sweet Speedster (Chaser!), Choco Ninja, Zig Zag, Bubble Luv, and Banana Anna. Each collectible comes in its own blind box, so opening them is a sweet surprise!

Unicorno Frenzies Series 2

Unicorno Frenzies are cute mini Unicornos with a keychain/zip pull/bag clip attachment.

All the most popular Unicorno characters are here including Can Can, Lolopessa, Lily, Scooter, Cremino, Sirena, Cleo, Ruby, Margherita, Yuki, Pixie, and Cornetto. There are 12 possible characters to find, click on image above to view the whole range.

Tokimeki Keychain

This Tokimeki themed keychain with rose-gold hardware is 2.75 inches tall, and is the perfect accessory for any Tokidoki fan! 

Mini Sushi Cars

Take a ride with Tokidoki! Our yummy new blind box collection features some of our most iconic characters behind the wheel of unique sushi-themed roadsters. There are 10 possible figures to collect, so dig in and start your collection today!

Little Terrors

Cause a commotion with Tokidoki's Little Terrors! These criminally cute little ones are ready for mischief. With eight new characters to choose from, we dare you to open a blind box and find your favourite Little Terror!

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