The Tokidoki universe contains a diversity of characters across several character families, each one with it’s own unique story.

Please see items below from the Unicorno, Mermicorno, Moofia and Donutella ranges.

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  • Mermicornos

    Mermicornos are the newest in the Tokidoki family and hugely popular!  These enchanting seafaring creatures come in their own blind box, so opening each one is a wonderful surprise. There are 8 possible characters to find.

  • Unicornos Series 4

    Tokidoki have added a new series to their wildly popular Unicorno family! The 12 NEW characters in this series include: Yuma, Elettrico (Chaser 1), Hikari, Yuki, Lily, Cornetto, Sirena, Cremino, Ruby, Pallina, Kingsley (Chaser 2), and Can Can. Each collectible comes in its own blind box, so you don’t get to choose what figure you’ll receive. It’s a surprise, so opening each blind box is half the fun!

  • Unicorno Frenzies Series 2

    Unicorno Frenzies are cute mini Unicornos with a keychain/zip pull/bag clip attachment.

    All the most popular Unicorno characters are here including Can Can, Lolopessa, Lily, Scooter, Cremino, Sirena, Cleo, Ruby, Margherita, Yuki, Pixie, and Cornetto. There are 12 possible characters to find, click on image above to view the whole range.

  • Moofia

    Each collectible figure comes in its own milk carton-shaped blind box, so opening them is half the fun!

  • DIY Unicornos

    Unleash your inner artist! Customise your very own tokidoki Unicorno and show the world your creative side.

  • Unicorno Sticky Notes

    Jot down your thoughts and decorate your life with Tokidoki’s super cute tokidoki Unicorno sticky notes!

  • Donutella

    Donutella and her Sweet Friends are now available in collectible vinyl form! There are 12 possible characters to collect, so opening each blind box is a yummy surprise. Indulge your sweet tooth and start collecting today!

  • Unicornos Series 5

    We are thrilled to introduce twelve colorful unicornos to this ever expanding family! This highly popular blind box series includes two chasers – have fun and start your collection today!